Want to make a living from your art? Pricing your time to create the art is going to make or break your business!


Learning how to price your time to create murals, art commissions and commercial art projects is key in helping make your art business profitable and sustainable.

When you are starting out with your art business you first need to establish your pricing to account for your time and skill to create the finished piece. 

It’s called your Artist Fee and this is where you make your money!

This artist fee covers your time to create the work, but it also covers a proportion of all those overheads in your business you can’t directly charge your client for example, insurances, studio rent, software subscriptions and purchases such as ladders, computer gear etc. 

These are the running costs for your business that you need to account for as well as a profit for you.

This mini-course is designed to help you find out how much you should charge for your time to create the artwork - I'll be walking you through three different pricing models, as well as diving into how to calculate your absolute baseline rate. 

I'll be covering:

  • Size-based pricing 
  • Time-based pricing
  • Project and item-based pricing
  • How to choose which pricing to use
  • How much to charge
  • How to know if the prices are right
  • Discounts
  • What to do if your clients aren't accepting your quotes

Course curriculum

  • 01

    Chapter 1

    • Overview and welcome

  • 02

    Chapter 2: Pricing structures

    • Pricing structures for your artist fee

    • Time-based pricing model

    • Size-based pricing model

    • Item and project based pricing models

    • How to choose which pricing structure to use

  • 03

    Chapter 3: What to charge

    • How much to charge for your artist fee

    • Not sure what to charge? Figure out your absolute baseline rate

  • 04

    Chapter 4: Are my prices right?

    • How do I know if my prices are right or need raising?

  • 05

    Chapter 5: Discounting your work

    • Mates rates, discounts and different pricing for different clients - should you do it?

    • When and how to discount your work

    • "Mates rates" for friends and family

    • Should you charge more for clients that can afford it?

    • Should you work for free… or "exposure?"

  • 06

    Chapter 6: Troubleshooting

    • Help! My clients are turning down my quotes or they aren’t responding to my emails!

    • "Ghost" clients who don't respond to your emails

    • Clients who say NO or “I can’t afford that”

    • What if none of your quotes get accepted?

  • 07

    Chapter 7: Next steps

    • Where to next?

Who is Fieldey?

Meet your art business guru

Fieldey (AKA Haylee Fieldes) is a professional artist and muralist with over 16 years experience in the art and design world.

For almost a decade she has taught art business secrets through a hugely popular YouTube channel – Fieldey TV: Art and Tutorials. That’s the place to get plenty of tips and check out Fieldey’s artistic adventures. Her super cool client list includes Molotow Graffiti products, Coca-Cola, Citroën, Anytime Fitness and Optus.

A master of painting on various surfaces, she has put her stamp on skateboard decks, surfboards, guitars, boutique hotel rooms, a remote-controlled jet boat, bowling pins alongside indoor and outdoor murals. Fieldey is partial to painting jungle-style green plants, giving sea creatures alter egos, old school tattoo style, skulls, pinups, famous faces and her work explodes with life, energy and colour. 


  • Designed for beginners AND established artists who want to take a deep dive into pricing options

  • Learn tips and tricks from a pro artist who shares her professional knowledge

  • Breaks down different pricing concepts into clear, easy to follow and actionable strategies

  • Taught by a pro artist AND YouTube educator AND workshop teacher

  • Delivers what you need to know, with plenty of inspiration and zero frustration. All the essentials, so you can jump right into pricing your works with confidence!

  • Gives you the confidence to send out your price quotes knowing you won't lose money