Who is Fieldey?

Fieldey (AKA Haylee Fieldes) is a professional artist and muralist who has painted both small and large-scale murals around the world. 

A master of painting on various surfaces, she has put her stamp on skateboard decks, surfboards, guitars, boutique hotel rooms, a remote-controlled jet boat, bowling pins and the odd toilet alongside indoor and outdoor murals. Fieldey is partial to painting jungle-style green plants, giving sea creatures alter egos, old school tattoo style, skulls, pinups, famous faces and her work explodes with life, energy and colour. 

For almost a decade she has taught urban art painting techniques through a hugely popular YouTube channel – Fieldey TV: Art and Tutorials. That’s the place to get plenty of painting tips and check out Fieldey’s artistic adventures. Her super cool client list includes Molotow Graffiti products, Coca-Cola, Citroën, Anytime Fitness and Seven Skates. 

Find out more about Fieldey by visiting her official website: www.fieldey.com

image courtesy of Streets of Perth

About Fieldey's Art Academy

After receiving loads of questions about painting murals, Fieldey realised that there were no online courses that contained all the information needed to succeed, so she created the Ultimate Mural Painting Course to help people learn the full process in a logical step-by-step way.

From this course Fieldey's Art Academy was born! Currently we have the flagship Ultimate Mural Painting Course on offer. Another course, Going Pro with Street Art, is currently in development with other courses soon to follow. 

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Praise for Fieldey's Tutorials

Comments from Fieldey TV YouTube Channel

“Fieldey, I always follow your tutorials from the skateboards to the murals and I really appreciate how you teach them. Very informative and detailed but not that complicated.”

Jaycee Jan Geronga

“Very helpful tutorial! Clear instructions and great tips; nice pacing. Many thanks from all of us who are getting acquainted with the challenges of painting!”


“Love your videos... always very informative and fun to watch. Thank you for putting them together and sharing your talent. I always "draw" inspiration from what you put out…thanks.”

Paul Boone

“I've just started art school and recently stepped into your channel, wtf!? Your artworks inspired me so much that makes my heart tremor!!! I want to paint so many thingssss!!! Thanks so much for sharing (your) work and tips! Alfre XOXO”

alfre ascazuri

“I was looking into art classes for a while but they are really expensive, slow, time consuming and a massive gamble considering I only really learn in a one-on-one or self-study setting. You've enabled me to grow as an artist many times over, put those funds towards supplies and allowed to utilize that time better. I wanted to tell you thank you very much... not to be corny, but I guess it's like not being proficient in a language but having these really important things to say, your vids have allowed me to express those messages in the language other people can understand.”

Kalvin Rothberg

“I love so much about this video - from your insight into how fleeting public art can be and how to deal with that to figuring out, what went wrong... and how you fixed it. I also really liked the pacing and narration of this video. You make a great teacher and keep me so invested. Thanks for letting us learn from you!”