I will teach you my professional mural painting secrets

Ever wanted to paint a mural but you're not sure how to do it properly?

My name’s Fieldey - I’m a professional artist, muralist and educator.

Seven years ago I was standing where you are, wondering how to paint my first mural and how could I turn my passion for painting into a livelihood. 

I now paint large-scale murals worth tens of thousands of dollars, so I know what works and what it takes to turn this into a lucrative career.

I run a popular YouTube Channel Fieldey TV: Art and Tutorials and receive tons of questions on painting murals, so I knew it was time to create Fieldey's Art Academy - an online school where I could share my professional artist secrets and proven methods.

I'm a specialist in teaching art techniques and processes with a very clear and easy-to-follow step-by-step approach. My courses deliver what you need to know, with plenty of inspiration and zero frustration. All the essentials, so you can jump right into your own project.

Let’s have some fun and create something amazing together. See you at the wall!

Fieldey's Art Academy benefits:

  • Create with confidence

    Learn my professional art processes that will ensure you're set up right, right from the beginning, so you can relax and create with confidence!

  • Step-by-step learning

    Breaking down big projects and ideas into a clear and easy to follow step-by-step process so you can immerse yourself and enjoy the journey

  • Professional teaching

    Learn secret painting processes and tricks from a pro artist AND YouTube educator AND workshop teacher who shares her professional knowledge

  • Lifetime access - however you want it

    Learn whenever you want - this course will never expire. You can watch it on your phone, tablet or computer - all you need is internet access

  • Money back guarantee

    If for any reason, you're not 100% satisfied with the course within 14 days of purchase, simply email me and I'll issue a full refund

  • Help & advice for your art journey

    Join my online community to ask for advice or share your work. I'm on hand to answer questions and provide advice

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