Are you ready to start making that happen today?

Do you dream of having a profitable and fun art career?

When I was starting out as an artist, I dreamed of giving up my day job and having an art career that would let me be my own boss and do what I loved - creating art! 

My biggest question was: how do I get from where I am now - starting out - to my dream art career? How do I make enough money to quit my day job? 

I would look at other successful artists and dream of having their career; I’d wonder: how did they get to where they are today?

If you dream of turning your art from a hobby to a thriving career, then you are in the right place! 

I’m going to help you catapult your art dreams into a solid reality and be with you every step of the way.

In my membership program you will:

  • Confidently run your own art business

  • Avoid ever being ripped-off by clients

  • Write artwork pricing quotes with confidence

  • Learn how to paint large scale murals

  • Send out invoices to clients

  • Run an art business that makes you money!

  • Scale-up your mural concepts with ease on all walls and surfaces

  • Get monthly coaching sessions with Fieldey to get feedback and support on your journey

Are you ready to take your art to the next level?

FAST TRACK your way to a thriving and profitable art career

With over 16 years experience in art, design and running my own business, I know what it takes to create a thriving art business and make a six-figure income from it. 

When you join my membership program you’ll get access to over 50 videos that will help you grow your art business and learn new painting skills. These are practical "jump-right-in" guides that deliver what you need to know, with plenty of inspiration and zero frustration. Absolutely no waffle or padding, just all the essentials, so you can find what you need clearly and concisely. 

You’ll also have monthly group coaching sessions with me - this is the place to ask questions, update your progress and even receive art critiques in a supportive, friendly environment.

What you get when you join:

  • Monthly LIVE group coaching

    Monthly LIVE group coaching sessions over zoom with Fieldey. Ask anything and get your questions answered! (worth $250 per month)

  • Flagship course access

    Full access to my flagship mural course: the Ultimate Mural Painting Guide (worth $130)

  • Art Business courses

    Access to my Art Business Mini-courses: How to write professional art quotes, How to run a thriving art business and never get ripped off by a client and How to price your artworks and murals. (worth $90)

  • All Q & A coaching recordings

    Access to all monthly coaching recordings. It doesn't matter when you join, you can always have access to every months recorded coaching sessions to find out what you've missed.

  • Coaching discounts

    Want to have a one-on-one coaching session with Fieldey? Join now and get a 25% discount on live one hour one-on-one coaching sessions.

  • Join a supportive community

    Exclusive online community for members to make friends and grow their art businesses together.

Here are just SOME of the great tutorials that are already waiting for you:

LIVE Monthly coaching session call with me!

$250 per month value EVERY month

The most valuable part of the membership program? 

Live access to me, every month, to answer all your questions, share my exclusive tips and tricks and even provide feedback on your work in a fun group environment. 

Normally, my coaching sessions are $250 for an hour, so you're getting 5 x the value with your membership... every month!

Join me and let's take your art career to the next level!

Who is Fieldey?

Meet your art guru

Fieldey (AKA Haylee Fieldes) is a professional artist and muralist with over 16 years experience in the art and design world.

For almost a decade she has taught art business secrets through a hugely popular YouTube channel – Fieldey TV: Art and Tutorials. That’s the place to get plenty of tips and check out Fieldey’s artistic adventures. Her super cool client list includes Molotow Graffiti products, Coca-Cola, Citroën, Anytime Fitness and Optus.

A master of painting on various surfaces, she has put her stamp on skateboard decks, surfboards, guitars, boutique hotel rooms, a remote-controlled jet boat, bowling pins alongside indoor and outdoor murals. Fieldey is partial to painting jungle-style green plants, giving sea creatures alter egos, old school tattoo style, skulls, pinups, famous faces and her work explodes with life, energy and colour. 


  • How will I be charged to access the membership?

    When you sign up for $49 (Australian dollars), you will get access to all training included in this membership from the first payment. Unless you cancel your subscription, you will then be automatically charged $49 (AUD) per month (30 days after the day that you started your subscription). Your nominated payment method will be automatically deducted from every 30 days. You can cancel your subscription yourself at any time from within your learning dashboard, but as soon as you cancel, you immediately cease to have access to all of your training.

  • Can I cancel my membership?

    Yes! You can cancel at anytime with no questions asked, however you immediately cease to have access to all of your training.

  • Can I access all the videos immediately or is it drip-released?

    Yes! You can access all the videos straight away - there are no restrictions.

  • Will the membership price increase?

    Not if you stay a member, you will receive the same price for life. Prices will only increase for new members or for members who cancel their subscriptions and then re-subscribe.

  • Are you going to be adding new courses?

    You bet! I'll be adding new courses regularly so there will be new things to learn and discuss.

  • What happens if I can't attend a coaching session?

    Unfortunately we don't offer make up sessions, so if you can't attend a session you are welcome to email me your question and I will do my best to answer it in the coaching call. You can then watch the recorded session whenever you like.

  • Do I need to be a member to have a coaching session with you?

    Nope! You can do one-on-one coaching sessions with me - get in touch for pricing and options.

Praise for Fieldey's Tutorials

Comments from Fieldey TV YouTube Channel

“I've just started art school and recently stepped into your channel, wtf!? Your artworks inspired me so much that makes my heart tremor!!! I want to paint so many thingssss!!! Thanks so much for sharing (your) work and tips! Alfre XOXO ”

alfre ascazuri

“I love so much about this video - from your insight into how fleeting public art can be and how to deal with that to figuring out, what went wrong... and how you fixed it. I also really liked the pacing and narration of this video. You make a great teacher and keep me so invested. Thanks for letting us learn from you!”


“I was looking into art classes for a while but they are really expensive, slow, time consuming and a massive gamble considering I only really learn in a one-on-one or self-study setting. You've enabled me to grow as an artist many times over, put those funds towards supplies and allowed to utilize that time better. I wanted to tell you thank you very much... not to be corny, but I guess it's like not being proficient in a language but having these really important things to say, your vids have allowed me to express those messages in the language other people can understand. ”